Enea Bydgoszcz Triathlon QUADRATHLON 2024/
/WQF World Quadrathlon CUP Race/ WQF Quadrathlon World Championship Race Sprint distance

“This race forms part of the World Quadrathlon Federation World Cup series and WQF rules apply Your result will score points towards the overall trophies (male or female) and your age group. Your best four results will be totaled to decide the trophy winners. Full details can be found at To receive an award, you need to complete three races. Updated results will appear as soon as possible after the race”.

General Info


Bydgoszcz Triathlon QUADRATHLON (or BT QUADRATHLON) event will take place on:

July 13th, 2024 (Saturday):

In the A.M. hours starts of BT QUADRATHLON distance (475 m swim, 18 km bike, 4.0 km Kayak, 4 km run)

A detailed time table of the event, an hourly division of start waves and an assignment of athletes to individual start waves will be available on the event website at least 3 weeks before the start date. The start and the finish line are going to be located in the proximity of Łuczniczka Sports and Concert Arena in Bydgoszcz.


The athletes are to swim 475 m similar as for the super short distance or 1/8 IM

The athletes taking part in the competition on the BT QUADRATHLON will swim downstream the Brda River.

Expected water temperature in July: 18-21°C.


  • 18 km for the BT QUADRATHLON (one loop)

The length of one loop is 18 km. The route is flat, fast, running primarily on wide, asphalt roads. Poland is a country with right-hand traffic; it is forbidden to enter the opposite lane. Route length is marked every 5 km. All types of bikes are allowed. Our competition is a non-drafting event, during with helmets are mandatory. During biking competition, no headsets for receiving sound signals are allowed. Every participant is obligated to follow the rules of the road and be careful during the biking stage.

Penalties will be applied to athletes who violate non-drafting regulations. First violation – the participant will be stopped marked by referee. Second violation – the participant will be marked by the referee plus a five-minute time penalty, which will be added to the final result. Third violation – the participant will be stopped and disqualified.


  • 4.0 km km for the BT QUADRATHLON distance (one loop on the BRDA river)


  • 4.0 km for the BT QUADRATHLON distance (one loop)

The length of one loop is 5.25 km. The route runs alongside the picturesque boulevards of the Brda River bank and the streets of Bydgoszcz’s Old Town. The rout is mainly covered with asphalt, with few parts covered with paving bricks.

Time limits on routes

  • Swim – 30 minutes
  • Swim + Bike – 120 minutes
  • Swim + Bike + Kayak– 180 minutes
  • Swim + Bike +Kayak + Run – 300 minutes

The transition area (both T1 and T2) will be located in the Łuczniczka Sports and Concert Arena.

The transition area T3 will be located in the UKS Kopernik Marina ( Babia Wies Str.3) approx. 600 m west from main event or T1/T2 area

Food stands

On the bike routes: in the beginning of the loop, about 400 m away from the transition area. For the BT QUADRATHLON there will be only one pass through the buffet zone in the beginning of the bike route, about 400 m away from the transition area.

On the running route, at least two stands on every loop, on average every 2.5 km. The stands will offer isotonic drinks, non-carbonated mineral water, bananas, oranges, watermelons.

Bathroom facilities

Portable toilets will be located in the proximity of the swim start area, in the transition area, in the buffet zones on the route.

Complete bathroom facilities, locker rooms and showers are located in Łuczniczka and Artego Arena.

Time measurement

Electronic with the use of a chip, which will be given to every athlete in the starter pack.

Age Classifications and Categories

Participants will be classified according to their birth year.

Individual Open

  • Youth 16-17 years
  • Juniors 18-19 years
  • U23 20-22 years
  • Elite 23-39 years
  • Master 40-49 years
  • Master 50-59 years
  • Master 60-69 years
  • Senior 70 years and older


  1. The latest 15 minutes before starting of the awards ceremony, results of podium places of all classifications and age categories will be displayed on the scoreboard in front of the stage, along with times and clubs in order to prepare female and male athletes to enter the podium.
  2. 1st-3rd place winners in OPEN classification, age categories, rallies and teams will receive commemorative statuettes and small awards.
  3. 1st-3rd place winners in the categories – the best Bydgoszcz male and female athlete will receive commemorative statuettes and small awards.
  4. 1st-3rd place winners in the International Physicians’Championship and International Lawyers’ Championship in male and female categories athlete will receive commemorative statuettes and small awards.
  5. The organizer reserves the right to introduce additional awards in select categories.
  6. The condition to receive awards is to finish triathlon, personal acceptance during awards ceremony and negative result of doping control.
  7. Awards in OPEN and age categories do not double.

*Awards in the International Physicians’ Championship and International Lawyers’ Championship double with OPEN and age categories. * Awards in OPEN and MIX rally categories double * Team members are also classified individually.

Terms of participation

  1. Only persons who on the start day are 18 and older, who will sign a statement on no medical contraindications can participate in the event. Persons age 16 to 18 can participate in the event at super short distance (1/8) or BT QUADRATHLON , with the approval in writing from their parents or legal guardians, submitted in person via a special form available in the event office.
  2. The organizer is not responsible for injuries suffered by event participants. All participants starting in Enea Bydgoszcz Triathlon 2024 / BT QUADRATHLON are liable on their own, being fully aware of their health and possible contraindications to perform this type of extreme effort.
  3. The athletes starting BT QUADRATHLON are obliged to place their bikes into the transition area on the day before the start date.

Registration and entry fee

  1. Enrolment to Enea Bydgoszcz Triathlon 2024 QUADRATHLON will be accepted through the entry form available at
  2. Online registration will be accepted until July 26, 2023, or when the limit of participants is reached. After this deadline, registration will be possible only at the Event Office during its working hours.
  3. Registration is understood as delivery of properly filled entry form and signed statement along with payment of the entry fee (with the exception of persons exempted from the entry fee).
  4. The limit of participants in Enea Bydgoszcz Triathlon at BT QUADRATHLON is 100 people.The organizer reserves the right to close enrolment earlier when the limit of participants is reached.
  5. The entry fee for participation in Enea Bydgoszcz Triathlon 2022 depends on the time of payment:
    • do 30 listopada 2023: 299,99 zł
    • do 31 stycznia 2024: 399,99 zł
    • do 31 marca 2024: 499,99 zł
    • do 31 maja 2024: 549,99 zł
    • do 30 czerwca 2024: 599,99 zł
    • po 30 czerwca, w dniach otwarcia Biura Zawodów przed zawodami: 699,99 zł
  1. Payments can be made only via online payment system connected with the enrolment form.
  2. The proof for acceptance of entry fee is appearing on the list of persons with confirmed payment.
  3. Invoices (other than VAT) will be issued at participant’s request made within 7 days from entering the payment.
  4. During acceptance of the starter package, participants have to have a photo ID in order to verify personal information and age.
  5. It is not possible to transfer payment to another participant or another year.
  6. Withdrawal from start: – up to 4 months before the event (i.e. until March 7, 2022), we return 50% of the entry fee; – up to 2 months before the event (i.e. until May 9, 2022), we return 25% of the entry fee; – for a period shorter than 2 months before the event (i.e. after May 9, 2022) we do not return the entry fee.
  7. Within the entry fee, every participant of Enea Bydgoszcz Triathlon receives: – start numbers, – cap, – voucher to exchamge to either T-shirt or other items available at the EBT shop, – beverages (water, isotonic drinks) and energy supplements, fruit at food stands and in the finish line area – medal in the finish line area, – meal voucher during Pasta Party – gifts from sponsors and partners of the event, – massage after competition. Persons paying the entry fee after June 1, 2024 do not have a guarantee of receiving a full starter package (from the Organizer.

Final Comments

  1. All participants of Enea Bydgoszcz Triathlon have to follow these rules and regulations.
  2. The Organizer reserves the right to conduct an interview with every participant, to take photographs and make films for advertising and promotional purposes, to use them
    online or radio and television broadcast, or for other commercial purposes.
  3. The Organizer reserves the right to free worldwide usage of any photographs, film materials, interviews and audio recordings presenting triathlon participants. They can be used by the Organizer by their placement on media such as CD-ROM, DVD, catalogs and other media, websites, newspapers and exhibitions, and for promotional –
    advertising purposes related to activity conducted by the Organizer.
  4. It is forbidden to bring narcotic drugs, illegal substances, performance enhancing drugs and any kinds of alcoholic beverages to the event. Participants are banned from using such substances both before and after the event, otherwise they will be withdrawn from it. When it is confirmed that the participant violates the above mentioned ban, then the Organizer reserves the right to withdraw him/her from participation in the event or
    exclude him/her during the event.
  5. By submitting to the Organizer a properly filled and signed entry form, the participant agrees and allows to use his/her personal data for the needs of sending to the participant information about future events, commercial products, and for internal administrative and analytical needs, in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act of August 29, 1997, Journal of Laws no. 33, art. 883. The participant has the right to withdraw from such approval and can do it anytime by sending a letter to the Organizer’s mailing address.
  1. Any information regarding participants obtained by the Organizer and contained on the entry form will be saved electronically and in every case it will be used in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act of August 29, 1997, Journal of Laws no. 133, art. 883. The Organizer will not reveal such information to any third parties.
  2. Every participant of the event is obligated to participate in the event in the cap provided in the starter package, to place his/her start number during biking: on the back over the buttocks, under the saddle and on the bike helmet (in front and on the left side); during the run: in front, at the waist level – under the penalty of disqualification.
  3. The Organizer provides emergency medical care on the route and on the finish line of the event.
  4. The Organizer provides security on the water (WOPR) during competitions held in water.
  5. The Organizer provides locker rooms with showers and a deposit.
  6. The Organizer is not responsible for things lost during the event.
  7. After finish of triathlon, random doping control can be conducted, and every participant appointed by the Commission has to go through the process.
  8. Results will be published on the website of the event at and transferred to the media.
  9. The Organizer reserves the right to cancel the event without giving any reasons. Triathlon will be held regardless of the weather. When it is not possible to carry out any of the events, the Organizer will decide on the formula to conduct competitions.
  10. The participant starts on his/her own and bears the risk related to it. All participants are aware of the fact that participation in the event is related to physical effort and entails natural risk and threat of accident, possibility of bodily injuries and physical harm (including death), as well as material damages and losses.
  11. Any cases not regulated by these rules and regulations are solved by the Organizer.